Today I want to tell you one story about me. I am a guy who has no interest in studies and is always forced from his family to study more and more. I was forced even to do post graduation and then PhD when my family know that I don’t want to do any. But seriously what is the thing that helped me on getting to that platform are the services which allow one to  . This service proved a great help to me as I was nowhere in lined with writings.

 PhD is the one education which requires a thorough research on a subject. I completed one year in it with very difficult but then I was becoming impossible for me to focus. I asked my family to understand me but they thought that I don’t want to work hard as I am little lazy. But then finally one day my father called me and asked me that what exactly I want to do other than studies. I then told them my wish and they agreed with me and promised that from then they will never force me to study. I am happy now.